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Friday, December 4, 2009


Christmas is a celebration of birthday for the baby of our Lord, Jesus Christ. More or less like a birthday party for you and me. For us, it's like first come serve when it comes to applying for leave. For some, it's a moment worth waiting for and for some, they just feel envy for other. For those who are going on leave for this Christmas, please have a thought for those who are not. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all friends and relatives. May God Bless You.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's almost Christmas. It's the most busiest time of the year. As usual...we are fighting for the right to go on leave..those who have the Christmas leave last year will have to give way to the other who haven't. This year, I will be on leave after Christmas but it doesn't matter because fortunately, we are all in Kuching...we can celebrate Christmas once we finish our duty..to tell you the truth...celebrating Christmas with the listeners are more fun than out there..only deejay knows. Merry Christmas to all WAIfm's listeners..May God bless you.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Selamat bidapod lagi. Onu itih, oku lek nai blog itih daang sinda odop ku....sinda Bau Jagoi..Harap dingan-dingan oto de bokon lek miroti oni leh denang George itih. Minggu ropas koih ogik nai udung program koda biasa. Biasa leh daang udung dekoda inuh, koih rie toban suo pingilemah dueh pinusah ade oboh ngijowin daang kroja koih de bilang konu. Setiap pikara koih samah-samah suba rie ngin bua pikir watki koih lek oda program koih jadi robih norik otin. Koda sok pikara, nyobut da ketua koih yereh watki koih tapod lek oda stesen WAIfm robih kona lagi. Bogo leh bua pikir oboh pruah. Sok odop ku, oku ogik toban cadangan, yenuh nai teaser bikusi bang-bang sinda Bidayuh " Pimiyu Ta ". Saan pingipuan ingan, teaser itih yereh nik basa program kodit atu koda iklan leh, omu eh ogik leh nga 3 atu 5 minit sijak bibanding 15 minit daang program. Cadangan nai teaser inuh yereh stegal oku saai susah asung ninga bogo mung bauh adin ade dieh sikia puan sinda oto Bidayuh amot eh Bau Jagoi. Teaser inuh tiek rie tajoh oboh pruah sowa bauh duwoh tipoh 3 bulan oboh ngin saan ninga podo yeh tapod norik atu edoh pingojit Bidayuh. Suo eh daang tongan ingan. Saan oni-oni cadangan, ingan tapod leh tud email nudu ketua koih, Brahim de alamat email waifm@gmail.com

Monday, November 16, 2009

Oni Abar?

When I first decided to continue writing on this blog, I try to wonder whether to use Bidayuh, Malay or English. I told myself if I wrote in my dialect (Bau Jagoi), will other Bidayuh dialects (Biatah and Bukar Sadong) would understand me.. I guess the answer is 50 50. As I mentioned before, I speak fluently in Bau Jagoi, 80 percent of Biatah and 50 percent of Bukar Sadong. So to solved this problem, I decided to keep on writing in English, the universal language. As I have also mentioned, I will share the happenings today in our little world of WAIfm especially The Bidayuh Service. But before that, I would like to say welcome to our new Pengarah, Encik Jelani Mahmud. Since that today is just his introduction, I couldn't tell more. Come back to our little world. As usual, it's a hectic morning, everybody try to race against time especially for those who are doing news translations. The Biatah news have to be read @0930, Bukar Sadong@1000 and Bau Jagoi@1030. It's not an easy task, you know. I remember one time when Brahim's friend came over to see our routines. This is because a lot of listeners out there have been saying our job in radio is an easy task. Sorry my friends, it's not as easy as you think. Take example, news. All the news broadcasted over the airwave have to be translated in each dialect from English main items. Well, I know everybody have been learning English in school, no doubt about that. When we get our English items from the newsroom, we can't just translate it directly because without understand the news, the message will be deviated. The other important thing that you must remember before doing some news translation is whether your translation will easily understood or not. It's truly challenging when doing translation. News translation is not similiar to document translation. News is about disseminate informations not reading. To make your listeners understand what you are trying to tell them, you must speak not read. There's a lot of different. Reading is when you say words according to all the grammars while speaking is not. Lastly, you must have a strong foundation in the dialect. It's not enough if you only know dorie, man and so forth. That's some of the problems faced by Bidayuh's children nowadays. Like us in Bidayuh Service, everyday is a learning process, learn our own dialect even though we life our whole life speaking it. It's our main task to preserve our dialect. For your information, starting from 1st of January 2010, a little bit of changes will happened in our programmes formatte. To know more, keep on listening to us via FM101.3 in Kuching and FM106.9 in Serian or via www.rtmsarawak.gov.my.